Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Call of the Wild Review

It resides in all of us- something to fall back on when civilization forsakes us, something to remember when we've lost our way.

Instinct is one of the greater factors that shapes a person's personality and determines their ability to survive. In animals, the power of instinct is far, far more great.

In The Call of the Wild, author Jack London illustrates the natural instinctual pull in a poignant and beautiful way. He tells the story of Buck, a dog who is kidnapped from his home and thrown into a ferocious, icebound Gehenna- the 19th century Yukon territory.

Buck, previously tame and more than a little pampered, is suddenly a working dog, hitched to a sled. The life of a sled dog prooves to be far harsher than that of a pet, and it is only by trusting his instincts that he survived....

The Call of the Wild was an amazing book to read. One might think that with a dog for a main character, the book would be more of a children's story... but no, Buck's story is full of dark and violent scenes and moments of realization that ring of despair.

I loved this book and completely suggest it and it's 'mirror image' novel, White Fang. (White Fang is about a wild dog/wolf that becomes tame.)

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