Friday, May 29, 2009

Sophomore... Not anymore!

That's right, folks, our sophomore year is over!!! (And I write this sentence less than one minute before the final bell of the year.)

This year has been one of the fastest I've ever experienced, but also, somehow, one of the most exhausting. I'm more ready for summer than I have ever been.

At the end of every year, you can pretty much repeat the same things:

Had a great time!

Gained some friends, lost some friends.

I'll never do that again...

This year was no different. I really did have a great time. I really did get some new friends, and sadly, I also lost some. I also did some stuff that I'll never try again.

It's been a good year, but an unremarkable one. Maybe someday I'll look back on my sophomore year and think 'That was the year I changed everything... that was when I decided to become what I am now...' or maybe I'll just look back and think 'What happened that year? Something important?'

This year was okay. I hope I can say the same or better for next year.

By the end of this blog, the final bell has rung and I can hear the noises of students freed. I echo their joy. Perhaps this is the end of this blog- this is the last post assigned me. It was a good run, but I enjoy the finish line.

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