Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog Post 1: SciFi as a Genre

Science fiction.

Love it! Why? Who knows? Maybe it relates to something inside me that longs for more than what we can see here in the real world. Maybe it appeals to a side of me that wants to fantastic; wants to see the amazing.

In science fiction, things are different. Circumstances are dire, characters are bold and brave. In sci-fi, anything at all can happen. The setting can be anything from a foggy forest filled with robotic soldiers to a spaceship floating through the stars in the next galaxy over.

Science fiction, and really fiction in general, offers an alternative to mundane reality,an escape from the monotony of the ordinary. It's more interesting and more challenging to the mind than other books, movies, and TV shows.

Science fiction is a good genre to use when giving a warning. Such as the common cautions 'Science can be dangerous' and 'Be careful what you wish for'. An example of both warnings is the book The Invisable Man by H.G. Wells. This book was a good read- a perfect example of classic sci-fiwritten by a true master.

Sci-fi is a wide, enjoyable genre that supplies food for the scientific side of a reader's mind as well as their imagination. I personally love this genre and suggest it be explored by all who like to read. Some suggestions are The Invisable Man by H.G. Wells, The Host by Stephanie Meyer, and Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

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Thunders said...

I also like sci-fi. For basicly the same reasons.