Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog Post 2: SciFi World Character Paragraph

Meet my main character. This is a paragraph written for the first part of our class's Sci-Fi project. It was meant to introduce the main character of our world.

Here it is!

Dune is one of the people of Amaranth. He is a normal child born into a good family. His mother ViLee is a weaver, who takes the fibers of the Amaranth and creates cloth from them. His father is TyLee, a dyer, who colors the cloth made by his wife in the colors derived from the Amaranth's flowers. His sister, five years his younger, is his closest friend. Her name is Vi, and apart from her age, she could be his twin. However, Dune is special in one way. He has a personal, vibrant connection with the conscience of the Amaranth. Ever since he was a child, he had been able to feel the Amaranth more clearly than others. Also, since he was small, the Amaranth has expressed a certain interest, even a love, for Dune. The Great Plant created a cradle of vines for the infant Dune. As Dune grew, it shielded him from harm, played with him, and sang for him specially. The only other thing that sets Dune apart is that he has an unusual appearance. His hair and skin are the same pale white of the Amaranth's deepest roots. His eyes are the vibrant pink-red of the Amaranth's flowers. Dune is a normal child of Amaranth, but there something special about him...

There's a lot more to Dune than what I wrote into that paragraph. The rest of this assignment was to create an image of the character using a website called Hero Machine 2.5, but that caused me some problems. The pre-designed bases for the characters were to general, putting limitations on how far I could take Dune's appearance. The website generated image shows my character Dune as a youthful, well-muscled man, when in my story he is a young boy in his teens, rather thin and childish.

Dune has a small, thin body, and his delicate bone structure lends to an almost asexual appearance. His skin his pale, like snow. The features of his face seem to melt into a mask of white, giving semblance to a faceless mask. The only color of his face is the startlingly bright pink of his eyes and the pale, white-washed red of his lips. His hair falls around his face in permanently disheveled, perfectly straight silver-white strands. The cut and fall of his hair highlights sharply angled cheek- and jaw-bones. He is very slight of build, but months of running, playing, and working have given him strong muscles- even if they aren't bulging.

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Very interesting I like you story so far. It is me Sam.