Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blog Post3: Pres. Letter Summary

When my class was asked to write a letter to the person we thought would be the next president, I wrote to John McCain. Now... I know the senator might not be voted into office. In fact, he probably won't be. But I decided to write to him anyway because he's my candidate, and I'll stand behind him. I want him to be elected, and so will stay optomistic concerning his chances.

I chose to write to (and support) Senator McCain because of several issues. The most important issue I wrote about was abortion. I'm against it. There really is no 'if', 'and', or 'but' to it. A life is a life; a murder is a murder. No more needs to be said.

I wrote to Senator McCain about several subjects I agreed with him on or decisions he made that I liked, but the one thing I spoke of that I really felt passionate about was the issue of abortion. John McCain is against it. I'm for John McCain.

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