Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Honestly, people. Whatever happened to good literature?

The things I HATE about the Twilight Saga:

  1. That they're called a 'saga'. Why can't it just be called a series? Is it special or something?

  2. The 'vampires' aren't even vampires. Call me crazy, but isn't a vampire an evil demon that feeds on human blood, is scared of the Christian cross, burns when exposed to sunlight, and hates the smell of garlic? How is that Edward? He ate pizza. Last time I checked, most pizzas had garlic.

  3. Bella. I think Stephanie Meyer decided to make up the weakest minded, most boring, unremarkable character that she could just to see how many people would actually like her. I mean really... the girl is... ridiculous. She's a stereotype MarySue damsel-in-distress. I can't find a single character discrepancy that would make this type of heroine figure even remotely acceptable.

  4. The books are sexist. They give the impression that a woman is only important if her man is. The woman is weaker, the woman is always in distress, and the woman is utterly nothing when paralleled by the man.

So, people tell me why these book are appealing to you? Is it the extremely subtle (but very acceptable) eroticism between Edward and Bella? Is the the perfect of Edward's devotion to Bella (or even hers to him)? Is it the fact that some women apparently still like the damsel to be small and helpless, always being rescued by her leading man?

Are these things what have made the series (sorry, saga) so appealing? Have these things gained thousands of followers despite the bad plot line, underdeveloped characters, unintelligent writing, and cheesy, naive romantic notions?

Honestly, I thought the only good characters were Jacob, Jasper. They were the only real ones. They had character flaws, but I had to love them anyway. They were just an arrogant boy with jealousy problems who didn't always know the best course of actions, and a man who loved his woman and had a dark past and evident demons.


~caitlin11 said...

Although I am a fan of the Twilight books, I do agree with you about Jacob and Jasper. Although Edward is supposedly the "perfect man", he sometimes bores me. I've always liked Jacob better. I think he and Bella should've ended up together.

Mrs. Gillmore said...

Oh, a spoiler! So Bella and Jacob do not end up together?

Edward ate pizza...I missed that also...or does that come later...I am only through book two.

Interesting perspective...thanks for posting!